Kalamazoo Jail Ministry (KJM) is in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was founded in 2023 by Jeff Grupp. The KJM team is on the floor, at the cells and in the jail dorms, six days per week. Our mission is to pray with all the inmates, listen to them, study the Bible with them, serve them, and fellowship with them. The jail inmates are family to us.

KJM is Protestant Christian, and KJM mission workers work from an inerrantist Biblical perspective, which is the approach jail inmates naturally take to the Word of GOD, as well. And KJM pastors emphasize friendship with, and acceptance of (Rom 15:7), the jail inmates, bringing the love of Christ to all the jail cells. Praise Jesus for the joy He brings! KJM pastors also emphasize cell-to-cell Bible study, prayer, and theological discussion. Some of the most popular conversation topics on the jail floor with the inmates during jail ministry tend to be prayer, faith, the cross, miracles and signs, experiencing GOD (such as feeling GOD’s presence, hearing His voice, etc.), the end times, forgiveness, and what the Bible says about family and marriage.

Jeff and Amy Grupp, who have been lead chaplains at multiple Michigan jails, are the two lead chaplains for KJM, where Jeff is the lead chaplain for the men’s ministry, and Amy is the lead chaplain for the women’s ministry. All fundraising over KJM operations costs is used specifically to give jail inmates help, both while inside the jail, and more importantly, at their point of release.

Kalamazoo Jail Ministry formed August 2023, and launched in very early 2024. Surrounded by prayer, surrender to Christ, and revelation of Christ, GOD brought KJM into existence. The coming into existence of KJM was a path of miracles of GOD, and answers to prayer. GOD did it all, and revealed Himself daily (see John 14:11), along the way, throughout 2023 and into early 2024, as KJM was created.

For the rest of our lives on this earth, we will be in astonishment over what we saw the LORD do in creating Kalamazoo Jail Ministry.

Here is a picture of Lead Chaplains Jeff and Amy Grupp (center), Sheriff Fuller (left), and KJM Board President, Jeff Porte (right). Picture from April 2024, at CenterPoint Church.

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