Kalamazoo Jail Ministry (KJM) focuses on basic necessities and spiritual needs of released inmates from the Kalamazoo County Jail. We focus primarily on the first week of the inmate’s release, but we actively pursue helping inmates far beyond that. KJM is partnered with multiple large churches in Kalamazoo that help with KJM aftercare, and KJM is seeking partnership with literally ever church in Kalamazoo County for aftercare help with Jail inmates upon release.

The current aftercare services that KJM has in place are the following:

Food, clothing, and basic life needs for recently released inmates.

Mentorship (spiritual and life-coaching) for released inmates, including spiritual aide for dealing with re-entry into society.

Temporary shelter from time of release.

Transportation to in-town locations upon release, and some more distant, but in-state, locations.

Transportation to the Gospel Mission and other shelters in Kalamazoo.

Food and similar help to families of inmates who are presently incarcerated.

Helping recently released inmates with job placement, obtaining IDs.

Initial help with college tuition, especially KVCC, online colleges, online Bible colleges (e.g., Nazarene Bible College), online seminary (e.g., online Bible college, etc.).

Help in locating recovery groups upon release (e.g., Eastwood Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, etc.), a church to attend, and assistance in working with family members and friends, for smooth re-entry.

KJM Chaplain, Gordon Daam (right), with recently released inmate, William (left), at church.