If any of you would like any of these products, please contact us.

Black KJM T-shirt

Large Coffee Mug with Large KJM Logo

Smaller KJM Coffee Mug

Large KJM “Light shineth in the darkness” Coffee Mug

Medium-sized KJM “Sabbatical Verses” Coffee Cup


Awesome KJM “Praying Inmate” Hoodie (design 2). The front is the same as the hoodie below.

Amazing “Light Shineth in the Darkness KJM Hoodie (design 1)

Long Sleeve Shirt (Thicker Material)

4×6″ KJM Car Sticker

Blank (no lines) spiral notebook, prayer journal, sketch book. Front and back are the same design. Covers are light cardboard.

High Quality Stitched Pocket KJM Notebook.


KJM Tote Bag

Awesome KJM-Blue “Praying Inmate” Tie-Dye