Over the last month, while visiting two max cells, that are next to each other, two of the women would always have their heads covered with a blanket, as if sleeping, when I came by to do ministry. A couple days a week I would leave things for them: a little note, a calendar, a book, word-finds and crosswords, and I would leave a Bible in the jail bars that they could take if they wanted—things like that, with a little note from me, saying, “💟✝️ Amy” at the end. Two weeks ago I arrived at the max cells, and one of the women was awake! I could finally talk to her, and explain who I was, and that I was the one dropping off these things. She did not want to read the Bible together, but when I asked if I could pray with her, she said, “yes.” So I prayed with her, and in the prayer I also prayed over the women next to her (that was resting). I’ve learned to do this because you never know if they’re sound asleep or just resting and listening. I did this with these two women for a few weeks. And now, the of other women who had her head covered and did not want to talk, wanted to talk, and she even wanted to read the Bible with me. Last week, I had Margi, of the KJM team, with me, and I think having a new person with me made her nervous. So, I just asked her if I could pray, and she said, “yes! pray!” and she hid her head back under the blankets while I prayed.

From Lead Chaplain Amy Grupp


Lead Chaplain, Kalamazoo Jail Ministry (KJM)